Offices in: Lagos, London and Accra

Global HR Solutions

We manage three different kinds of workers: expatriates, third-country nationals, and local nationals.

Expatriates: We manage employees who are assigned to work for the home company in another country.

Third-country nationals (TCNs): We manage employees who are citizens of neither the home or the host country. TCNs are usually technical or professional employees who are hired for short-term assignments.

Local nationals, also called host-country nationals: we manage workers who are hired by a multinational company to work in their own country. These employees may also be citizens of another country living in the host country who apply for employment with the multinational company. We treat such local nationals like workers hired locally.


Global Outsourcing Solutions

Our Global Outsourcing Solutions are tailored by experienced professionals and structured to the exact needs of our clients. Operating in various locations in the world over the years, have positioned us to contribute immensely to growth of different companies in various industries across the world.

By engaging our services, we help you:

  1. Strengthen your business
  2. Save time and money
  3. Reduce the burden on management
  4. Gain access to more talents
  5. Scale quickly for business growth.