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The Most Expensive Airfares Ticket in Africa

This airline has the most expensive ticket fares in Africa

  • Kenya Airways charges more for both local and international flights.
  • The expensive tickets haven’t really helped the airline’s bottom-line.
  • The airline could lose market share to rivals such as Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways.

Out of all the airlines currently operating in Africa, Kenya Airways is said to have the costliest air fares, according to findings by industry stakeholders.

A study that was conducted by the African Competition Forum, an informal network of competition authorities in about twenty four African countries, found that Kenya Airways charges more than the average fare for both local and international flights.

“Kenya Airways has the highest average passenger price per kilometre (APPK) for all its domestic, regional and international routes. In addition, the routes for the Tanzania markets from Nairobi have higher APPK than international routes, which are longer distances…The Nairobi-Paris route is served by Air France and Kenya Airways, their prices have a difference of Sh5,000, Kenya Airways price being more,” said part of the report which was seen by Business Insider Africa.

The report went further to explain that there are a few instances where the fares charged by other airlines such as South African Airways and Ethiopian Airways are significantly higher than that of Kenya Airways. The report said:

“For business tickets, SAA prices are significantly higher than Kenya Airways prices. Kenya Airways on average charges R14,089 (Sh106,000) for a business class ticket, while SAA charges R22,954.93 (Sh172,796) for the same class. SAA’s upper-end tickets sell at around 39 percent more than Kenya Airways prices.”

Over all, Kenya Airways sells more expensive tickets. And the unfortunate thing about this is that the expensive tickets have not really helped the airline’s bottom-line. Analysts now worry that the airline, which is adjudged one of the best on the continent with regards to quality of service, could lose market share to rivals such as Ethiopian Airways and South African Airways.